The IPC- J-STD-001 training course has become the industry authority for electronics assembly manufacturing.

The standard describes materials, methods, and verification criteria for producing high quality soldered inter-connections. It emphasizes process control, as well as setting industry consensus requirements for a broad range of electronic products.

In this course, you select the modules/topics that meet your training requirements.

The IPC- J-STD-001 Operator Proficiency Series is a comprehensive, knowledge-based series of modules that certify students to the methods and procedures presented in the J-STD-001 document. Designed for operators, the program helps workers to interpret the J-STD-001 specification through lecture, demonstration, and labs.


AFTER COMPLETION: Certification requires a 70% or better grade for each module completed. Operators will be certified for up to two (2) years.

Module 1 – Overview of J-STD-001 (Required)

  • Safety, EOS/ESD, Classes of Equipment
  • Solder Theory of Solderability
  • Solder Flux and Solder Alloys
  • Facilities, Tools & Equipment
  • PTH-Assembly/Solder
  • Surface Mount Technology
  • Cleaning

Module 2 – Wires and Terminals (Optional)

  • Wire Preparation and Solder to Terminals 
  • Terminal Inspection
  • Wire and Terminal Demo and Lab

Module 3 – Through-Hole (Optional)

  • Preparation and Component Mounting
  • PTH Inspection Criteria
  • PTH Soldering Demo and Lab

Module 4 – Surface Mount (Optional)

  • SMT Criteria
  • SMT Demo and Lab

Module 5 – Inspection Methods (Optional)

  • Theory of Inspection
  • SPC Defect Definition and Disposition
  • Inspection Skills Demo and Lab

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